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Our care and attention to detail allow us to truly understand each client and work on their projects as if they were ours own. Here you will find portfolio of some our work!

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Client Testimonials

It's been great experience to work with team at Satva Tech on my new eCommerce website design and development. They haven’t just developed website for me but explained and implemented all sort of strategies which take to performing eCommerce site. Harsh has helped me out of box for all issues related to website and online marketing. We are going to have continuous working relationship with Harsh and his team for our existing eCommerce and future projects. Most importantly, he is clever to know what I am thinking about my project very well, best communication ever!! Thanks a million!!

Mandy Lee

I’ve been using Harsh and his team at Satva Tech for over four years. They’ve helped with a variety of websites and the support alone has been tremendous. I can confidently say that without their doing, the shape of my websites would be nowhere near what they are today. I’ve worked with a lot of freelance developers and agencies, and time after time I go back to Harsh and his agency. In short, they simply get it. I am not micromanaging them, I just sit back list off the details I need fixed or work I need done, and it gets completed quickly and efficiently.

Samuel Boyd

Harsh’s professionalism, attention to detail, skill and expertise are always appreciated and I love working with him and his team. I would highly recommend him to anyone contemplating a web project. He and his team always go above and beyond with time-sensitive and challenging projects.
Harsh and his team exceeded all expectations in all the projects we have worked so far. Highly professional and skilled team, great communication and exceptional customer service. Always there to help and extremely responsive.

Rob Clarke